If you have ever thought about challenging yourself to skydiving or running a marathon, think of the Big Hug Foundation when deciding which charity to raise money for. It does not matter how big or small your event; any amount raised makes a huge impact on the work we do. 

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Here are some examples of ways you can fundraise for us: 

  • Run a marathon 
  • Hold a bake sale
  • Office sweepstakes
  • Organise a sponsored walk
  • Hold a quiz night 

To ensure you reach your target, we will support you with your fundraising. Once you have signed up to fundraise for us, you will receive our Fundraising Pack which will have lots of helpful tips and hints on small and large fundraising initiatives.

Below is a list of the events and challenges our fundraisers have been involved in. Click on the link to read more and become inspired! 

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Other ways to fundraise:

  • Matched Giving: Many companies offer to match the fundraising efforts of their employees and will give an equivalent amount to whatever you raise. Ask your HR department if your company has a matched giving scheme and find out how to apply. Companies who have supported us through their matched giving scheme include:
    - O2
    - Goldman Sachs 
    - Ernst & Young
    - Barclay’s 
    - RBS
Hear from a Big Hug Fundraiser

"With Big Hug, it's amazing to see just how far even the smallest amount of money goes. This is probably why they do their utmost to keep their admin cost as low as possible and ensure each pound is so carefully allocated. It is probably the most fulfilling feeling to know you are part of the reason that a child now has a future, now has a chance of an education, a family or sometimes even just a roof over their head.

Big Hug's goals are simple but life changing. The dreams are big but focused. The love is clear and the hope is unstoppable... The decision to donate and fundraise for this charity was pretty simple."

Teena Varsani, Fundraiser and Donor 

Case Study

Dharshini is eight years old, and has experienced a great deal of hardship in her family life. Her father would often abuse her mother physically, which frightened Darshini.