It can take as little as £5 (GBP) a month to sponsor the education of one child.

The purpose of the ‘Sponsor A Child’ scheme is to fund the education of a child from Cornerstone Children’s Home Project. Most of the children we support have come from backgrounds, which do not allow children to attend school. Meet the children we support. 

The children at Cornerstone Children’s Home Project are aged between 2 – 17 years and either attend primary, or secondary school, with one student recently enrolling into University! Each child’s annual fees depend on the year they are studying in and the school they attend (English or Tamil taught).

The Big Hug Foundation aims to: 

1. Care for each child’s physical, mental and emotional development.
2. Provide them with training and opportunities to achieve their ambitions. 
3. Ensure they become independent adults who can create stable futures for themselves.

Sponsoring a child from our home will include them receiving:

1. School fees
2. School and sports uniform 
3. Educational materials 

As a sponsor you will receive: 

1. Letters and photos directly from the child you have sponsored 
2. Half yearly and annual school reports with exam marks and grades

We are happy for sponsors to communicate with students through letters to build a personal connection with the child they are supporting.

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Hear from a Big Hug Sponsor

"I found that the young founder, Natasha Mansigani to be highly professional and dynamic and was blown away by her purpose to make a difference at such a tender age herself. The level of attention and communication from Natasha is first class and I was encouraged by her desire to act and set up the Big Hug Foundation. I wish her and the foundation continued success and will continue to support their sponsor a child scheme."

Sunita Sehmi, Sponsor a Child Supporter

Case Study

Varsha is one of the 18 million children who are left on the streets of India because their parents simply do not want them. Your support through our Sponsor a Child scheme will enable Varsha to have a stable education and give her the opportunity to create a more positive future for herself.