Anandhi is twelve years old. She likes skipping and drawing, and like any child, has dreams of finding happiness and success in her future life. Without an education, however, such dreams can prove almost unattainable. Anandhi’s father abandoned her while she was very young, leaving her family with a meagre income and few material possessions. Under the care of her poverty-stricken mother, who was unable to afford school fees or educational materials, Anandhi was deprived of the basic living standards that so many of us take for granted.

Fortunately, with the help of Big Hug Foundation, Anandhi was enrolled at Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2009. Now in Year Six of school, she has developed a great passion for learning, and dreams of one day becoming a teacher herself. With your help, we can continue to give disadvantaged children like Anandhi a chance to reach their full potential in life, safe and nurtured by clean, well-furnished schools with adequate facilities and equipment.

Hear from a Big Hug Fundraiser

"With Big Hug, it's amazing to see just how far even the smallest amount of money goes. This is probably why they do their utmost to keep their admin cost as low as possible and ensure each pound is so carefully allocated. It is probably the most fulfilling feeling to know you are part of the reason that a child now has a future, now has a chance of an education, a family or sometimes even just a roof over their head.

Big Hug's goals are simple but life changing. The dreams are big but focused. The love is clear and the hope is unstoppable... The decision to donate and fundraise for this charity was pretty simple."

Teena Varsani, Fundraiser and Donor