Bhuvaneshwari is thirteen, and comes from a very poverty-stricken family. Her father has a drinking problem, and used to physically abuse his wife. In such cases of domestic abuse, many women in India have nowhere to turn to, and Bhuvaneshwari’s mother was forced to leave her husband and raise Bhuvaneshwari alone. The pressures of single parenthood quickly became too much, so she sent Bhuvaneshwari to Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2008, where her younger sister, Dharshini, is also staying.

At the orphanage, Bhuvaneshwari has been able to study, socialize, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Thanks to Big Hug Foundation and the support of generous volunteers and donors, she now has a chance to fulfil her dream of becoming a social worker. Whilst your support is providing Bhuvaneshwari with an education, the Big Hug Foundation is working closely with the Cornerstone Trust in India to help improve her mother’s situation.

Hear from a BHF Donor

"The Big Hug Foundation is a great charity making all it's well wishers feel involved. They run great events every year to raise money for a charity where 98% of the money goes directly to the cause. This really makes a difference to the donor as you know exactly what your money is being spent on. You can really see the difference you are making from regular news updates, reports and pictures of happy children!"

Akshay Loomba, Regular Donor