Gowri Shankar

Gowri Shankar came to Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2005 with his younger brother, Keerthivasan. Their father was a drug addict who repeatedly sexually abused Gowri’s older sister. When their mother learned of this, she ran away from home with her children, soon falling victim to an intense depression. Fortunately, she was able to find treatment for her condition. Meanwhile, the Child Welfare Office sent Gowri and his brother to Cornerstone Children’s Home, where they could study and grow in a more stable environment. Their sister was sent to an all-girls home where she could recover from her past trauma.

Gowri is now nine years old, and enjoys listening to music. His ambition is to work for the government. Your donations and support can help ensure he receives the right level of care and attention he deserves, along with his brother and other disadvantaged children in the region.


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