Cornerstone Visit

Natasha visits Cornerstone Children’s Home Project after one year. Read more about what she got up to on her most recent trip to the home.


Updates from Natasha’s visit to Cornerstone Children’s Home Project:

1. Heading over to Cornerstone Children's Home Project shortly to spend some quality time with the little ones! I'm going to split them into 5 groups of 6 so I can work with each of them on their English and maths skills. Reward stickers and prizes are up for grabs! (19/01/2013)

2. The FORD I.T. Group donated 4 computers to Cornerstone Children's Home Project this year. The children are learning the basics of how to operate them, Microsoft Office and of course paint and games! (28/01/2013)

3. Exactly 1 year after introducing a Health Porridge Mix we calculated the children's BMI to find more than half are now 'normal weight'. The Health Mix is definitely making a difference as this is a 60% improvement from last year! Special attention (additional protein & vitamins) will be given to those who have shown no improvement. (04/02/2013)

4. Over the last few weeks Natasha has been working to improve the younger children's cognitive skills using play. Games included: puzzles, dominos, mental arithmetic, snap, and lego making. The children have never participated in such activities so it was a great way for them to engage in new experiences and gain self-confidence. For every activity they completed first/correctly they were given a reward sticker and the child with the most stickers at the end of the session was given a prize! (10/02/2013)

5. A terrific dental camp organised by our trustee in India was held atCornerstone Children's Home Project today. A voluntary Doctor who generously donated his Sunday to our children examined each child’s dental health! (17/02/2013)

6. Just got back from an amazing day trip to Kerala with the children! We visited a mini aquarium, snake park and the beautiful Malampuzha Dam. The children's laughter, singing and dancing made my day! Thank you to our trustee, Aadil Datta, for sponsoring the day and giving the children this wonderful experience and memories to last forever! 26/02/2013