New additions to our home

Four new additions to the Big Hug family - Joycevalan, Varsha, Sri Madiharan and Sri Krishna.


Joycevalan & Varsha 

Joycevalan and his sister, Varsha, are two of the 18 million children who are left on the streets of India because their parents simply do not want them. At a very young age their parents abandoned them, and they were forced to live under the care of their grandmother. Due to the stress and shame of the acts of her son, the grandmother committed suicide, leaving the children completely alone on the streets.

In 2013, bystanders in the village brought the children to Cornerstone Children’s Home, where volunteers are helping them overcome past traumas. Your support through our Sponsor a Child scheme will enable Joycevalan to have a stable education and give him the opportunity to create a more positive future for himself. 

Krishna & Madhiharan 

Krishna is seven years old, and grew up under very struggling circumstances. His father abandoned the family while Krishna and his brother Madhi were only toddlers, and his mother found it almost impossible to raise her children alone. To make matters worse, she soon became sick with uterine cancer, which rendered her unfit to properly care for her sons. Under guidance from the local police station, she took them to Cornerstone Children’s Home.

Since 2013, both boys have developed well, and are learning and growing at a healthy pace. While doctors are doing everything they can to help their mother overcome her illness, we are working closely with the orphanage to help the boys become happy, successful adults. This can be assured with the continued support and generosity that you can provide to Big Hug Foundation and its partner project Cornerstone Trust.