When Muthailan and his older brother Muthuvel joined Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2008, both were intensely withdrawn and unable to interact with staff or other children. They had endured more hardship than most people suffer in a lifetime. In years previous, their alcoholic father had abandoned the family, and their mother was forced into prostitution as the only means to support her sons. When villagers learned of her occupation, they exiled her from the community. Out of despair, she poisoned the two boys, believing she was protecting them from further harm, and then hung herself. Fortunately, the villagers found the brothers in time to take them to a local hospital where they were saved. Afterwards, the Child Welfare Office referred them to Cornerstone.

In the years since their traumatic ordeal, the brothers have made a steady recovery under the care and supervision of the volunteers at the home. Now aged fifteen, Muthailan enjoys sport and athletics, as well as drawing. With the continued support of Big Hug Foundation, he has a greatly improved chance of leading a happy adult life.

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