Varsha and her brother, Joycevalan were abandoned as children and soon lived under the care of their grandmother. Due to the stress and shame of the acts of her son, the grandmother committed suicide, leaving the children completely alone on the streets.

In 2013, bystanders in the village brought the children to Cornerstone Children’s Home where volunteers are helping them overcome their past traumas.  Your support through our Sponsor a Child scheme will enable Varsha to have a stable education and give her the opportunity to create a more positive future for herself. 

Hear from a BHF Donor

"The Big Hug Foundation is a great charity making all it's well wishers feel involved. They run great events every year to raise money for a charity where 98% of the money goes directly to the cause. This really makes a difference to the donor as you know exactly what your money is being spent on. You can really see the difference you are making from regular news updates, reports and pictures of happy children!"

Akshay Loomba, Regular Donor