Meet the children

Kamal Raj and his brother, Karan Raj, were only toddlers when their father passed away due to an accident. Their mother works in a village close to Coimbatore, but like many rural workers, her earnings are modest at the best of times.

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Karan Raj was very young when his father was killed in a tragic accident. His mother tried to raise him and his brother, Kamal Raj, by herself, but like many women in rural India, it was difficult for her to earn a decent living without a husband to support her.

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Karthikeyan came to Cornerstone Children’s Home with his older brother, Rithik Kumar, in 2011. Their parents had separated after their mother had an affair. 

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Keerthivisan is eleven years old, and likes skipping, eating cake, and studying. He came to Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2005, carrying with him the burden of a very traumatic family history.

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