Meet the children

Bhuvaneshwari is thirteen, and comes from a very poverty-stricken family. Her father has a drinking problem, and used to physically abuse his wife. In such cases of domestic abuse, many women in India have nowhere to turn to, and Bhuvaneshwari’s mother was forced to leave her husband and raise Bhuvaneshwari alone.

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Dhanush is eleven years old, and dreams of becoming a mechanic. At Big Hug, we want every child to have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, passions and hobbies, and, once they reach adulthood, find a job that suits their needs and desires. 

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Jason is thirteen years old, and comes from a very disadvantaged background. His mother and father, unmarried, did not wish to care for him, so his grandparents took it upon themselves to raise him. 

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Joycevalan is one of the 18 million children who are left on the streets of India because their parents simply do not want them. Your support through our Sponsor a Child scheme will enable Joycevalan to have a stable education and give him the opportunity to create a more positive future for himself.

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