Meet the children

Krishna is seven years old, and grew up under very struggling circumstances. His father abandoned the family while Krishna was still a toddler, and his mother found it almost impossible to raise her children alone after she fell ill with cancer.

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Kritika comes from an extremely destitute family, with a father who is mentally unstable. Due to the lack of support in India, Kritika’s mother spends all her time and money caring for and supporting her husband, neglecting her daughters needs. 

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Manoj is fourteen years old. Coming from a poverty-stricken family, he has experienced a demanding lifestyle from a very young age. At the age of ten, he saw his grandfather murder his father over family monetary issues.

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When Muthailan joined the home in 2008, he was intensely withdrawn and unable to interact with staff or other children. At such a young age, he had endured more hardship than most people suffer in a lifetime.

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