Meet the children

Muthuvel came to Cornerstone Children’s Home with his brother in 2008, both unfortunate victims of poverty. Their father was an alcoholic who did not wish to care for his children, leaving their mother to raise them herself.

Sponsor Muthuvel

Anand initially struggled with his education, but his enthusiasm and passion for vehicles has made him an excellent mechanic. Recently, he passed a two-wheeler ITI course with flying colours and has now begun a 6 month apprenticeship.

Sponsor Anand Raj

Anandhi is twelve years old. She likes skipping and drawing, and like any child, has dreams of finding happiness and success in her future life. Without an education, however, such dreams can prove almost unattainable.

Sponsor Anandhi

Bharathi is thirteen years old, and came to Cornerstone Children’s Home in 2011 effectively as an orphan, after his father died of a heart attack and his mother refused to care for him.

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